Mostar in 4K – Stock footage

Mostar has always been and is again famous for its Ottoman-style bridge, The Old Bridge (Stari Most). This bridge, which was built in 1566 after 9 years of hard work, spanned the river Neretva. It was designed by the Turkish architect Mimar Hayruddin.

However, during the Yugoslaw war (1992-1995) Mostar was the most hardly bombed city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the early beginning of the war many important structures and buildings were destroyed, including The Old Bridge.

Almost 11 years after the destruction, in 2004, the cultured and spiritual icon of Mostar, was rebuilt through combines efforts of international community formed by UNESCO. For the reconstruction of the bridge were used some original pieces which were recovered from river Neretva.

Even Mostar still suffers geographical division of ethnic groups, it is a beautiful European city with its pre-Ottoman, eastern Ottoman, Mediterranean and western European architectural features which all are reflected in the construction of The Old Bridge.

The reconstructed Old Bridge and Old Town are not only a symbol of diverse cultural, ethnic and religious communities, they are also a symbol of peace and co-operation, which gives hope.

Mostar is truly worth a trip. Take time to explore the beautiful streets, ancient buildings and interesting shops in the Old Town of the city. Exhausted you will be looking for a shadowed place in some of the many restaurants around river Neretva to enjoy a cold drink and a delicious meal.

Feel free to travel with us through Mostar in our 4K version of this beautiful city which suffered a lot but used the collapses to become stronger and more beautiful. Make your own opinion after you visited Mostar.

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