Munich in Real 8K

We offer stunning 8K stock footage of Munich, Germany, captured using the latest technology and innovative techniques such as timelapse, hyperlapse, and aerial filming.

Our team of skilled videographers has worked tirelessly to capture the beauty and character of Munich using state-of-the-art equipment, resulting in breathtaking footage that showcases the city in all its glory. From the iconic landmarks such as the Frauenkirche and Marienplatz to the lush green spaces and bustling city streets, our footage captures the essence of this incredible city.

Our collection includes both static and dynamic shots, with footage ranging from sweeping aerial views of the city to intricate hyperlapses that reveal Munich in a unique and captivating way. All of our footage is available for licensing and download in stunning 8K resolution, ensuring that you have the flexibility and quality needed for any project.

We understand the importance of high-quality visuals in today’s media landscape, and our footage is designed to add an extra layer of beauty and depth to your projects. Whether you’re creating a promotional video, a documentary, or any other type of media, our footage will help you tell your story in a visually stunning way.

Our 8K stock footage of Munich features a wide variety of famous landmarks, neighborhoods, and areas of the city that showcase the unique character and beauty of this incredible destination.

One of the most iconic landmarks of Munich is the Frauenkirche, the towering Gothic cathedral that has been a symbol of the city for centuries. Our footage captures the cathedral’s intricate architecture in stunning detail, from the towering spires to the intricate stonework and stained glass windows.

Another famous landmark is the Marienplatz, the bustling central square of the city that is surrounded by historic buildings and is home to the famous Glockenspiel clock tower. Our footage captures the vibrant energy and beauty of this bustling square, with views of the surrounding buildings and the clock tower in action.

Our footage also features the lush green spaces of Munich, including the sprawling English Garden and the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace and Gardens. From sweeping aerial views of these picturesque landscapes to close-up shots of the intricate details, our footage showcases the natural beauty of Munich in stunning 8K resolution.

Finally, our collection includes footage of the charming neighborhoods of Munich, such as Schwabing and Haidhausen, which are filled with vibrant street life, historic architecture, and lively restaurants and bars. Our footage captures the unique character and charm of these neighborhoods, giving viewers a glimpse into the daily life of Munich residents.

Browse our collection today to discover the stunning beauty and character of Munich, captured in breathtaking 8K resolution. Whether you’re creating a travel video, a promotional piece, or any other type of media, our footage will add an extra layer of beauty and depth to your project.

Dresden in 4K

We recently had the pleasure of capturing breathtaking footage of Dresden, Germany in stunning 4K resolution. Now, we’re thrilled to offer these stock footage clips for sale on our website. Dresden is a city rich in history and boasting stunning architecture. We believe these footage clips will make a valuable addition to any project, whether it be for commercial or personal use.

Dresden is the capital of the state of Saxony, located in the eastern part of Germany. The city is famous for its stunning architecture, rich history, and cultural significance. Known as the “Florence on the Elbe” for its beauty and location on the banks of the Elbe River, Dresden is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Germany.

One of the most significant landmarks in Dresden is the Frauenkirche, or Church of Our Lady, which was destroyed during the bombing of Dresden in World War II and later rebuilt. The church is now a symbol of peace and reconciliation, and its beautiful Baroque architecture is a testament to the city’s cultural and historical importance.

Another notable landmark is the Zwinger Palace, a stunning Baroque palace complex that houses a number of museums and galleries, including the Old Masters Picture Gallery and the Porcelain Collection. The palace’s beautiful gardens and fountains make it a popular spot for visitors to relax and enjoy the city’s natural beauty.

Dresden is also home to a number of other museums, such as the Albertinum, which houses the New Masters Gallery and the Sculpture Collection, and the Military History Museum, which showcases the military history of Germany from the Middle Ages to the present day.

For those interested in music, Dresden is the perfect destination. The city is home to the Dresden State Opera, one of the oldest and most famous opera houses in the world, and the Dresden Philharmonic, one of the most renowned orchestras in Germany. The Semperoper, a stunning opera house, is a true gem of the city’s cultural heritage.

Overall, Dresden is a city that offers something for everyone, from history buffs to art lovers and music enthusiasts. Its rich cultural heritage and beautiful architecture make it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Germany.

Zagreb 4K Stock Footage

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia. It is also the biggest city in this country with an extensive history. The historical core of the city, the main centre, is grown up from two settlements and their surroundings, Gradec and Kaptol.

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Zagreb is located in the middle Europe. It rises on the banks of river Sava and southern slopes of mountain Medvedica.

Through its growing popularity Zagreb is more and more a beloed destination of many tourists from all over the world. Cities in 4K was also one of them and of course they made a video for you to enjoy all the beauties and sights of this amazing town.

Till you are able to visit this amazing city you can take a look on it by watching the amazing video in 4K resolution which is waiting for you.
Dicover the tourist attractions and maybe some hidden treasures while enjoying different footages of Zagreb, like Upper Town and the St.Mark´s Church, Zagreb Cathedral and Treasury, The Art Pavilion and the Mestrovic Gallery, The Croatian National Theatre, Maksimir Park, Lostrcak Tower, Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters, Zagreb 360 observation deck, Ban Jelacic Square, Dolac Market, Stone Gate, Funicular Gateway and a lot of old and popular streets of this amazing city.

Prague in 4K – Stock Footage

Prague is the main city of Czech Republic. It is also the biggest and the most populous city in this country.


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This beautiful city is very famous through its history. It was a royal and imperial residence in the past. In the 14th century Prague was famous as the residence town of the Holy Roman Empire. This city was the political and cultural European center in this time.

Today, Prague, also called the “Golden City”, represents a closed cityscape characterized by Gothic and Baroque. The beautiful old town and the bridges are attractive places visited by tourists.

The historical old town of Prague is recognized from UNESCO as one of 12 World Heritage Sites in Czech Republic.

These and many other details are the reasons why people from all over the world visit this dreamlike Baroque city. More than 5 million tourists are visiting this place in a year. The crew of Cities in 4K was also one of it.

In Prague in 4K you will be able to enjoy the most popular historical destinations in the Golden City and imagine you are there if you haven´t travel to this city yet. Walk through the Old Town of Prague, enjoy the view from the Charles Bridge or the Prague Castle. Have a coffee at the Wenceslas Square or the Old Town Square. Don´t miss to take photos of the famous astronomical clock of Prague or of many other buildings while you are exploring the streets of the Old or New Town.

If you liked this beautiful city stay tuned for more videos from Cities in 4K and more new destinations.

Tirana in 4K

Tirana, the capital city of Albania, was also a destination of Cities in 4K. Feel free to join us on this journey exploring another interesting metropolis on the Balkan.

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This beautiful city is not just the capital city of Albania for about last 100 years, it is also the largest city of the country. All important developments, like economic, political and cultural character are happening here. Tirana has also a very educational character, a lot of public and private schools, university and colleges are located in this area.

Almost third of the whole population in Albania lives in Tirana and surroundings. No matter what you visit or explore in Tirana the kindness and affability of the domestic people will meet you. What could you ask more in a foreign city or land?!

As a city with a far history there are a lot of spots which should be visited. Some of them you will recognize in the video, like: view from the Dajti mountain from where you have an amazing view on the whole city and the four artificial lakes (can be reached with the cable car), the Skanderbeg Square with statue and flag, Et´hem Bey Mosque, National Historical Museum, National Art Gallery, Rinia Park, TID Tower, Orthodox Church of the Holy Evangelist Prokop, the former grave of Enver Hoxha, City Park Parku i Madh, Rruga Murat Toptani.

Salzburg in 4K – Stock Footage

Salzburg is the fourth largest city in central Austria and the capital city of the federal state of Salzburg.

The name Salzburg literally means “Salt Fortress”. This name comes from the barges carrying salt at the Salzach river, which were subject to a toll in the 8th century.

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Fast-flowing river Salzach divides the city in two parts, but several bridges link the two city sites. Earlier, through the history, ferries had a big role in transportation from one side to another. Today the number of bridges in the city limits is at a historic level, because there are about 12 of them. Some of the most important in architecture, traffic and history are: Hellbrunner Brücke (huge amount of traffic), Karolinenbrücke or Nonntaler Brücke (very heavy traffic), Mozartsteg (pedestrian bridge in Old Town), Staatsbrücke (most important bridge; built by the Nazi slave labourers) and Makarsteg (most interesting architecture).

Salzburg is known and famous as Mozart´s birthplace with its birth house located in the Old Town.

The Old Town of Salzburg has much more to offer than “just” the birth house of Mozart. It is one of the best preserved city centres worldwide. The famous baroque architecture and monuments made this town a popular travel destination, in winter and in summer. The Salzburg Dom Cathedral is probably the most important sacral architecture in the city, closely followed by the St. Blasius Church and The old monastery of Saint Peter. The Salzburg Residence is another example of architectural splendour in the heart of the Old Town. Getreidegasse is Salzburg´s famous shopping street. It got its charm by the tall, narrow, huddled-together buildings. Herbert-v-Karajan-Platz square is home of the splendour and beauty of the Pferdeschwemme horse watering station. Also don´t miss the Mozartplatz with the Mozart monument in the middle.

Through its history it is well known that Salzburg was ruled by prince-archbishops, who became rich through salt mines. This way Salzburg became an architectural gem with material and architect from Italy and other European countries. Compared to other Austrian cities, sacred monuments in Salzburg outnumber the few secular buildings. This way Salzburg got his nickname “the Rome of the north”.

Not all of the historical important architectures and monument are located in the Old Town of the city. There are many more delightful buildings, streets and squares which are worth to be explored. The most important of them is the Hohensalzburg, built in 1077. Then there is the famous Mönchsberg with castle hotel Mönchstein, the Cappucin Monastery (Kapunzinerkloster) at the Kapuzinerberg. The Mirabell Palace with its gardens is a magical place from where you have a great view to the Hohensalzburg.

As you can see Salzburg is worth a visit and you will need more than a day to explore it. Start your trip with our tour of Salzburg in 4K.