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Budapest in 4K – Stock Footage

18 Apr 2016

„Little Paris of Middle Europe“ is an often description for Budapest, due to its scenic settings and architecture. Budapest is Europe´s most delightful and entertaining city. The capital city of Hungary has a unique youthful atmosphere, a pulsating nightlife, a classical music scene, a very deep historical background and rich offers of natural thermal baths. […]

Mostar in 4K – Stock footage

07 Apr 2016

Mostar has always been and is again famous for its Ottoman-style bridge, The Old Bridge (Stari Most). This bridge, which was built in 1566 after 9 years of hard work, spanned the river Neretva. It was designed by the Turkish architect Mimar Hayruddin. However, during the Yugoslaw war (1992-1995) Mostar was the most hardly bombed […]

Sarajevo (Bosnia) 4K – Stock footage

07 Apr 2016

Sarajevo, the largest and the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is one of the most historically interesting cities in Europe. Sarajevo, nestled in a valley, is mainly located in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina but also with parts in the Republic of Serbia. The city is surrounded with Olympic mountains, Bjelasnica and Igman […]

Hvar Croatia 4K Vide – Stock footage

06 Apr 2016

Hvar town is one of the largest centre on the same named island Hvar. Island Hvar, the largest and sunniest (annual average of 2718 hours of sun) Croatian island, belongs to a group of Middle Dalmatia Islands. Larger places of the island (except Hvar town) which are located at the coast are Stari Grad, Jelsa, […]