Budapest in 4K – Stock Footage

„Little Paris of Middle Europe“ is an often description for Budapest, due to its scenic settings and architecture.

Budapest is Europe´s most delightful and entertaining city. The capital city of Hungary has a unique youthful atmosphere, a pulsating nightlife, a classical music scene, a very deep historical background and rich offers of natural thermal baths.

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The monuments in the city, which are more than 1000 years old, reflect the culture of Budapest and all others who were settled at this place once in time. There are remains of the Roman and Turk occupation through the whole city, latterly the influence of the union with Austria is also visible.

Budapest, created through a fusion of Buda and Pest, is a modern city with the different characters of both sides.

Buda can be described as suburban with its historic Castle district. It offers medieval streets and houses, museums, caves and Roman ruins. The Buda Castle with its Medieval, Baroque and 19-th century houses, churches and public buildings is a most see object in Budapest. Also don´t miss to explore the Clark Adam Square and tunnel, the Fisherman´s Bastion and the Citadel with the Gellert Hill from where you have an amazing panoramic view over the whole Pest side.

Pest is a little more busy and dynamic. It praises with the largest Parliament Building in Europe, promenades at the riverside, flea markets, bookstores, antique stores, café houses and restaurants. On this side you can also find the famous St. Stephan´s Basilica, where you can enjoy a great panorama view over the city from the observation deck. The famous Heroes Square and the City Park Ice Rink with the Vajdahunyad Castle are also located on this site of the city.

These two sites, Buda and Pest, are separated through the amazing river Danube, the second largest river in Europe and the largest river in the EU. Eight bridges span the Danube river connecting Buda and Pest, the west and the east side of Budapest. Each of them hast their own tale to tell.

The most famous and also the oldest one is the Chain Bridge, which was completed in 1849 by the supervising of architect Adam Clark. Megyeri Bridge is the longest one with a totally different style. The second longest and busiest is the Arpad Bridge. Margaret Bridge, different in its character, was the second permanent bridge, built between 1872-1876. Elizabeth Bridge, which bears the name of Queen Elizabeth, was built as the fourth one. Liberty Bridge was opened and named by the Emperor Franz Joseph in 1896. Petofi Bridge and Lagymanyosi Bridge lie most southern of the other bridges.

So, we recommend you to pack your cases and start to explore Budapest. You can make the first steps with our video about Budapest in 4K resolution.

Hvar Croatia 4K Vide – Stock footage

Hvar town is one of the largest centre on the same named island Hvar.

Island Hvar, the largest and sunniest (annual average of 2718 hours of sun) Croatian island, belongs to a group of Middle Dalmatia Islands.

Larger places of the island (except Hvar town) which are located at the coast are Stari Grad, Jelsa, Sucuraj and Vrboska. Other (smaller) places on the coast are Milna, Sveta Nedilja, Ivan Dolac and Zavala. Each of this places its recognizable through its beautiful bays and beaches. Some of them are only reachable by the sea which make them more attractive as they already are.

Island which surround Hvar are Bra, Vis and Korcula and each of them is separated by the same named channel. Hvar is known by its Mediterranean climate. The winter are very gentle and the summer are warm, but still not too warm to make the agriculture not possible.

This was a little geographic introduce to Hvar island. If you want to know more about it, we are pretty sure you will find the right information about this special island.

Now, we will introduce you with Hvar town, the object of our interest.


As already mentioned, the town of Hvar is the largest settlement on the island. The town is located on the south coast of island Hvar, towards the western end. In front of the town are the Pakleni islands. This is a group of small island scattered around the town and with beautiful bathing places. They are worth a trip, surely.

You can use different ways to get on the island (if you don´t own a private yacht), it depends from where are you reaching. You can take either a ferry or a speed boat from Split if this is the direction where you are coming from or a ferry from Drvenik. The ferry from Split goes to Stari Grad and the one from Drvenik to Sucuraj.

Once you are on the island and in the town of Hvar you will be ready to explore the city and the island at all. Hvar is an ancient town with a splendid and repeatable history. It is an inexhaustible treasury of scenery, atmosphere and adventures.

Glory and power during the middle ages made Hvar to an important port within the Venetian, naval empire. Today, Hvar is the centre of tourism on the island and one of the most desirable destination.

The town of Hvar and other towns and villages on the island have numerous architectural and cultural monuments. All of them may witness to the outstanding island traditions, the economic prosperity and the relations Hvar used to maintain with other cultural centre due to past centuries.

Places and monuments which should be explored in Hvar town are the Hvar fortress (Fortica) from where you have an amazing panoramic view over the harbour. If you like panoramic views, then you shouldn´t miss the one from the Observatory of the city. The Franciscan Monastery and the St. Stpehen´s Cathedral are also a must see. Enjoy the architecture and houses of the old town while walking through the Venetian streets.

Hvar is the perfect place for families, couples and single who are looking for some fun. Along the promenade at the coast you can find different restaurants and bars, for each taste and claim something.

If you are planning to visit Hvar you will be rewarded with friendly people, a lot of natural and beautiful bays and beaches, historical and cultural inheritance, the aromas of lavender, olive and wine.

We wish you a nice trip and enjoy our 4K representation of Hvar!

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