Sarajevo (Bosnia) 4K – Stock footage

Sarajevo, the largest and the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is one of the most historically interesting cities in Europe.

Sarajevo, nestled in a valley, is mainly located in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina but also with parts in the Republic of Serbia. The city is surrounded with Olympic mountains, Bjelasnica and Igman from Southwest, Trebevic from Southeast and middle range mountains from North and Northwest.

Sarajevo, with its about 400 000 people, is not a huge city, but it is vibrant, busy and full of life. For centuries, traditional religious diversity like Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism, coexists in this city. Witness of this are different religious buildings which should be visited once you are in Sarajevo, like the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque, the Christian church The Sacred Heart Cathedral, the Serbian Orthodox church The Cathedral Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos and the Sarajevo Synagogue. Of course there are many other mosques and churches which are worth a visit, but these are the oldest and most popular ones.

The history of the city tells about different civilization clashes and historical turbulences cause of this national diversity. The last of them happened at the beginning of 1990 during the Yugoslaw war.

Today, in 2015, the city has mostly been recovered from the damages caused by this war. And with each step you take through the city you will still witness its multi-cultural integration for which this city is famous.

Sarajevo is an increasingly popular travel destination. It is a place where the Western and the Eastern population meets and splits. It also can be described as a European metropolis with Eastern twist what makes it more interesting and worth exploring.

If you decide to visit this beautiful destination, you will be welcomed by friendly and courteous people, no matter of which nationality.

The historic centre of Sarajevo is full of welcoming cafes, lodgings and restaurants. The architecture is a mix of Ottoman and Austria Hungarian buildings, like the newly renovated city hall called Vijecnica. The delighted Old town of Sarajevo, Bascarsija, with its stone-flagged alley reminds a little bit of Turkey. It is also a must see place in Sarajevo, like many others.

Enjoy our tour through Sarajevo in 4K resolution and explore more then you ever could imagine in this small but historically and humanly big city.

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Hvar Croatia 4K Vide – Stock footage

Hvar town is one of the largest centre on the same named island Hvar.

Island Hvar, the largest and sunniest (annual average of 2718 hours of sun) Croatian island, belongs to a group of Middle Dalmatia Islands.

Larger places of the island (except Hvar town) which are located at the coast are Stari Grad, Jelsa, Sucuraj and Vrboska. Other (smaller) places on the coast are Milna, Sveta Nedilja, Ivan Dolac and Zavala. Each of this places its recognizable through its beautiful bays and beaches. Some of them are only reachable by the sea which make them more attractive as they already are.

Island which surround Hvar are Bra, Vis and Korcula and each of them is separated by the same named channel. Hvar is known by its Mediterranean climate. The winter are very gentle and the summer are warm, but still not too warm to make the agriculture not possible.

This was a little geographic introduce to Hvar island. If you want to know more about it, we are pretty sure you will find the right information about this special island.

Now, we will introduce you with Hvar town, the object of our interest.


As already mentioned, the town of Hvar is the largest settlement on the island. The town is located on the south coast of island Hvar, towards the western end. In front of the town are the Pakleni islands. This is a group of small island scattered around the town and with beautiful bathing places. They are worth a trip, surely.

You can use different ways to get on the island (if you don´t own a private yacht), it depends from where are you reaching. You can take either a ferry or a speed boat from Split if this is the direction where you are coming from or a ferry from Drvenik. The ferry from Split goes to Stari Grad and the one from Drvenik to Sucuraj.

Once you are on the island and in the town of Hvar you will be ready to explore the city and the island at all. Hvar is an ancient town with a splendid and repeatable history. It is an inexhaustible treasury of scenery, atmosphere and adventures.

Glory and power during the middle ages made Hvar to an important port within the Venetian, naval empire. Today, Hvar is the centre of tourism on the island and one of the most desirable destination.

The town of Hvar and other towns and villages on the island have numerous architectural and cultural monuments. All of them may witness to the outstanding island traditions, the economic prosperity and the relations Hvar used to maintain with other cultural centre due to past centuries.

Places and monuments which should be explored in Hvar town are the Hvar fortress (Fortica) from where you have an amazing panoramic view over the harbour. If you like panoramic views, then you shouldn´t miss the one from the Observatory of the city. The Franciscan Monastery and the St. Stpehen´s Cathedral are also a must see. Enjoy the architecture and houses of the old town while walking through the Venetian streets.

Hvar is the perfect place for families, couples and single who are looking for some fun. Along the promenade at the coast you can find different restaurants and bars, for each taste and claim something.

If you are planning to visit Hvar you will be rewarded with friendly people, a lot of natural and beautiful bays and beaches, historical and cultural inheritance, the aromas of lavender, olive and wine.

We wish you a nice trip and enjoy our 4K representation of Hvar!

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Istanbul 4K Timelapse

Istanbul is an old and very interesting city with a huge history background. It´s the largest and most populous city in Turkey what you´ll experience if you visit Istanbul. The most recognizable characteristic of Istanbul is the transcontinentality, because it lies on both, the European and the Asian side, and is the only city in the world which extends on two continents.

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This trip to Istanbul wasn´t the first one, we had the honor to meet the city one year ago. Both of our trips happend at the end of march and beginning of april. To be honest this time of the year is still a little bit too cold if you want to spend your days and evenings outside, especially doing Time Lapse photography. So, the next time we will choose may for Istanbul sightseeing.

Unfortunately the cold weather this year was not causing shooting problems, it was the rain. During half of the evenings we spent in Istanbul, it was raining. So we had to try our best and shoot as much as possible in the time without nasty rain.

Istanbul is realy an amazing city and there are so many stuffs which will make you speechless and looking stunning. For us the most magical thing are the lights, rather how the city looks when all lights are on and the contrasts which came to the fore in this moment. This is the reason why we most enjoyed the panoramic views at the night. Try to visit as many places and hills as you can when you stay there, this is our recommandation. On the European side there are many restaurants and cafes near the Suleymaniye mosque with amazing view at Eminonu pier, Bosphorus bridge, Galata bridge and Galata tower. Pier Lotti is also one „must“ stop, it´s very popular with amazing view on the Golden Horn. The view from the Galata tower is also stunning. Camlica Hill is the most famous hill at the Asian side. From this place you have a great view at the illuminated Bosphorus bridge, the whole Old town of Istanbul on the European side. It´s just astonishingly.

The contrasts in Istanbul make it special, too. This city used to be christian and muslim through its history so you will see a lot of Christan and Muslim monuments, churches and mosques. Churches which should be visited are the Chora Church, St.Anthony of Padua Church, St. George Church and a lot of other. The mosques are surprisingly big and special in their own way. So don´t forget to visit the most popular of them, the Blue or Sultan Ahmet mosque, New mosque in Eminonu, Suleymaniye mosque on the third hill, Sehzade mosque and many other. The most beautiful of all, in our opionion, is the Ortakoy Mosque located in the same named part of Istanbul just behind the Bosphorus bridge.

Unfortunately a lot of monuments, churches, mosques and other buildings are often under reconstruction. I think there is no time in Istanbul that some of the historical objects are not being renovated. For you as a tourist this might not be a huge problem, but if you make plans for something more, it could be.

Although this was our second time we traveled to Istanbul there are still places we weren´t able to see, outdoors and indoors. There is also a big problem in Istanbul if you want to shoot inside some mosque, museum or some similar object. There are even problems if you want to shoot or use tripod in the garden in front of it. This was a huge problem the first time, as well as the second time. But this time we were persistent and got managed to take footages inside the famous Hagia Sophia museum, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar. A lot of effort, talking and permits were needed to make this happen.

Hopefully you can use some of these informations for your trip to Istanbul and have a great time there. It´s worth visiting. Enjoy our Istanbul in 4K video.