Banja Luka in 4K – Stock Footage

Banja Luka is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and by far the largest city in the northwest of the country.

Vrbas, a very rough river, splits the city, which is surrounded by rolling green hills, in two.

Banja Luka has a deep history through the Roman and Ottoman occupation. The Romans built a fortress at the riverside, which has been used from the Slavs after that. Finally, the Ottomans gave them the final touch. But you can still enjoy the remains of the fortress Kastel at the beautiful river Vrbas. This place is a very popular touristic attraction and it´s also being used from the domestic people for wedding shoots.

Through its past the city was witness of many destructions and falls. In the course of the Ottoman centuries, Banja Luka was destroyed in the Ottoman-Austrian war. But not only wars contribute to its distortion, an earthquake in 1969 was also fatal for this city.

Although this city remains as a peaceful one and the scars from the last war (1992-1995) are not obviously, existing mosques tends to lie along the main roads leading out of town. Earlier, over a dozen of mosques, together with the famous Ferhadija mosque (1580), used to be part of the city centre.

Today, Banja Luka is a charming and beautiful city surrounded by nature. A very popular getaway destination, except the cast of river Vrbas, is the Banj hill, where you can hike up till the World War II memorial.

Inconceivable from the history of Banja Luka are the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, a very important Christian monument.

Let us introduce you with this beautiful metropolis and her history with our Banja Luka in 4K video.

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